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Selwyn “Randy” Ribeiro’s Bio

Mr. Selwyn “Randy” Ribeiro is a custom builder in the Lexington area,who offers quality craftsmanship that can be seen in each of his uniquely designed homes. As a product of Southern California, Randy has always carried himself with a certain vibrato. His humble beginnings have always kept him grounded. As a young boy, his grandmother taught him to find a skill he enjoyed doing and he would never work a day in his life. Mr. Ribeiro genuinely enjoys working hard to build, design, and create custom projects for his clients.

After serving in the U.S. Air Force, Mr. Ribeiro earned his bachelor’s degree in Business. While his career commenced as a granite fabricator, he expanded his proficiencies as a contractor with ventures of tile, carpentry, and commercial projects. Mr. Ribeiro has built over 150 homes along with countless remodels, townhomes and currently has an ongoing project for a restaurant & creamery in Paris, KY.

Mr. Ribeiro takes pride in the relationships he builds with his clients. With precise dedication, he transforms mere ideas into fascinating realities. From pulling the first permit, to the final walkthrough; Mr. Ribeiro is there every step of the way to make sure his clients are happy. With an eye for placement and design, no two jobs are exactly alike, yet every execution is the same. Beautiful custom-built projects, from start to finish leaving his customers candidly satisfied.

When Randy started his building career/ventures he was hired to build on some of the last lots of subdivisions, which quite often where the worst lots with impossible elevations. Mr. Ribeiro has become accustomed to analyzing and advising plans to accommodate the defects on the property. With time and dedication, Mr. Ribeiro has become a prominent builder in the Lexington area.